Transport and Directions to and from Pristina Airport

Once you arrive at Pristina Airport, you can get in the city that is located at a 15 km distance by taking a taxi or by getting in the shuttle bus that has recently started to be provided by the airport.

The choice is yours regarding the form of transportation that you want to pick to get you to the city but it seems that the majority of tourists who have been to Pristina before have chosen the taxi due to its advantages.

Airport transportation to Pristina by Taxi

pristina airport taxi transfers

Taxis are available outside Pristina Airport between the hours of 5:00 AM and 10:30 PM and a journey lasts approximately 20 minutes. The price for a ride to the center of Pristina is around €25.

This form of transportation is preferred by most tourists because it is a very easy and affordable way to get you to Pristina. You still need to be careful that the driver won’t overcharge you. Make sure that you pick out an official taxi that is marked.

It’s actually best if you order a taxi on the phone using one of these numbers:

Express Taxi (+381 38 22 00 11), Geti Taxi (+377 44 11 17 77) or Pristina Taxi (+381 38 24 45 88)

Rent a car at The Airport

Being a relatively small city, driving a car in Pristina is very simple and also effective. You can actually rent a car directly from Pristina Airport so make sure that you check which car rental companies have offices which are located right at the terminal.

Pristina Airport Local / Commercial Transport

From Pristina Airport, you can take a shuttle bus provided by the airport itself. The shuttle bus takes off between 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM every 2 hours.

Having been recently provided by Pristina Airport, the shuttle bus is going to take you from the airport terminal to the center of Pristina. From there, you are able to take other buses depending on where your accommodation is located.

The bus line no. #4 will take you from the center to the south-eastern part of Pristina situated in Sunny Hill.