Pristina City Guide: Best Hotels, Restaurants and Sights

Pristina is a controversial city situated in the controversial Republic of Kosovo, having many interesting things to offer its tourists. Being the capital of Kosovo, Pristina is also the largest city in the country. It has basically risen from its ashes after the Kosovo War to become now a modern and tourist-friendly city that is visited yearly by a significant number of tourists.

pristina kosovo

Modern city Pristina, Kosovo | Image Source: Wikipedia

Best Hotels in the City

The hotel booking category page available offers you information regarding the best accommodations that are located in proximity with the Pristina Airport.

Things You Have to See in Pristina

There are various places in Pristina which are very interesting for tourists mainly because of the Kosovo War. However, you can visit many other locations that have nothing to do with the war but they are just representative of the country of Kosovo, such as monuments, mosques or museums.

You are able to enjoy the nature in Kosovo by relaxing in one of the parks. These are a few main things that you shouldn’t miss out if you arrived in Kosovo:

Pristina Ethnographic Museum

Pristina Ethnographic Museum

One of Pristinas must see attractions | Image Source: Trip Advisor

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Pristina and Kosovo through the video and audio materials available. There are several rooms that you can visit, each of them having a certain theme.

Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque Pristina

The 15th Century Xhamia e Mbretit (known as the Fatih Mosque) | Image Source: Trip Advisor

This is a beautiful building and the biggest mosque in Pristina and you should definitely visit it if you have never seen a mosque before.

Gërmia Park

Gërmia Park Kosovo

Popular park in Pristina with open-air swimming | Image Source. Wikimedia

You are certainly going to enjoy visiting this park together with your friends or family considering that there is a swimming pool available and plenty of green grass to have fun on and play games.

Field of Blackbirds

Battle of Kosovo

Battle of Kosovo Field | Image Source: Wikipedia

This place is surely going to be enjoyed by historical buffs and one of them is because Slobodan Milosevic gave an important speech at this monument,one that allegedly started the violent conflicts in the Balkans in the 90s.

Bars and Restaurants

There are several great places where you can eat and drink while you’re in Kosovo and if you are interested in indulging yourself in traditional dishes, as well as those that belong to the International cuisine, here is a list with the best locations:

pristina food

Pristina delicious food | Image Source. Kosovo Guide

  • Renaissance 2 – If you make a reservation, you can indulge yourself in the traditional Albanian cuisine, in a vintage-decorated and cozy environment.
  • Pinocchio – Here you can eat everything from the International cuisine but mostly the Italian one and all for affordable prices. The service is wonderful and the restaurant is elegant and inviting.
  • Princessa Gresa Restaurant – You are able to enjoy meals from the International cuisine here which are all very delicious. The food tastes great and the service is very elegant.
  • Dit’ e Nat’ – This is a great bar where you can enjoy reading a book while sipping on a delicious coffee to start your day.